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[audio]cory thrall "the cave is caving in" [samarch038] - Cory Thrall
cory thrall's follow-up to his recent "Black Tape" album (infinite sector 2005), this is an album of many sounds.....from acoustic, softly sung songs to frantic experimental explosions, this album is another important point in the 'cory thrall discography'..... visit cory on the web:
Keywords: Experimental; Pop Experimental; Experimental; Soundscape; acoustic; Psychedelic; lo-fi pop
Downloads: 1,086
[audio]Cory Thrall "Symphony No. 1 (2005)" [samarch022] - Cory Thrall
Cory Thrall is an experimental musician who makes sounds of many different shades and flavors. "Symphony No. 1 (2005)" finds him layering noise pedals, electric guitar, analog synthesizer, and more into a moving stream of freeform instrumentation. First in a series. visit:
Keywords: Psychedelic; Ambient/noise; Experimental; Experimental; Psychedelic Noise; Instrumental
Downloads: 660
[audio]I APACHE EYE "Slow Death" [samarch024] - I APACHE EYE
the duo of psychedelic-pop-rawk-space-sounds, I APACHE EYE, return with their follow up to "Super Iraqi" - "Slow Death"! this album is a bit darker a release then last time, and we get to hear Director Feline & Dr. Scrumptious (the boys behind IAE) do some things they have never touched on before. serious work done here, and possibly something for everyone, if you're into experimental music with a heavy "oddly IAE-ish" attitude.......
Keywords: Humor; Weirdomusic; Surrealist Pop; Experimental; Psychedelic; Noise/Experimental Rock
Downloads: 11,317
[audio]the tron cycle "Storybook" [samarch028] - The Tron Cycle
this is the first recording by the tron cycle - this noise rock band features Cory Thrall on bass & vocals, Jared Butler on drums, and Cory's brother Travis Thrall on electric guitar. full on noise rock jams that rawk.....The Tron Cycle is a noise rock band that tears stuff apart and never repairs the universe..... visit:
Keywords: Noise Rock; Indie Garage Rock; Psychedelic Rock; Noise Pop; Experimental; Experimental; Noise; Stoner Rock; Experimental New-No-Wave
Downloads: 4,973
[audio]darph/nadeR "LIVE vol.1 - 1999-2003" [samarch019] - darph/nadeR
darph/nadeR (jared butler & cory thrall) is an experimental noise duo from Santa Rosa, California. this release is an updated version of the "LIVE volume 1" CDr that was released in 2003 (and SOLD OUT) - this time the very first darph/nadeR live performance EVER has been added as the first track! (the release was originally only 2 songs...) hear darph/nadeR as they were a few years ago - a bit mellower, spacier - noise that's freeform and completely improv.......
Keywords: Ambient/noise; improv; Experimental; Soundscape; Noise; Atmoshperic
Downloads: 468
[audio]darph/nadeR "A:Stereo-Tape System: Volume One" [samarch013] - darph/nadeR
darph/nadeR is an experimental noise duo featuring jared butler and cory thrall. darph/nadeR first began as a project in 1999, and this album was their first album, released on cassette in very limited numbers in '99 (only 12 cassettes were made!). it is now here available again for the first time ever as an mp3 download! explore this deep and expansive experiment now! visit:
Keywords: weird; Soundscape; Dreambient; Ambient; Psychedelic Noise; Experimental
Downloads: 387
[audio]operation "louis" EP [samarch008] - operation
operation makes noise with many different instruments and techniques, but here on the "louis" EP we find him at home with a stack of effects pedals and boards - chained together and rocking soundscapes so alive you'll think the electricity in your speakers is singing you a symphony...... visit:
Keywords: Noise; Mechanical Death; Experimental; Psychedelic Noise
Downloads: 318
[audio]darph/nadeR "the red album" [samarch016] - darph/nadeR
darph/nadeR (jared butler & cory thrall) is an experimental/noise duo that joined forces in 1999. this is "the red album" (recorded in 2001), the first in a four album series called 'colors'. it was originally released on red-colored CDrs, limited to 100 copies. on this release darph/nadeR first land on what they believe to be the "darph/nadeR sound" - the previous few albums they had done before had only barely touched on this level...
Keywords: Ambient/noise; Psychedelic Noise; Noise; Experimental; Soundscape
Downloads: 3,039
[audio]the batcave "too many transmissions" EP [samarch005] - the batcave
the batcave are an experimental noise duo who believe in pushing boundries and lighting fires. in this, their previously SOLD OUT 3" CDr EP (and first release), the batcave find themselves lost in a sea of way "too many transmissions". utilizing a mass of noise pedals, mega-distorted electric guitars, maniacal voice and more crazed bursts of sound and instruments, this EP takes you on a fuzzed out trip you might not return from! visit:
Keywords: Loud/noise; Weirdomusic; Psychotic; Experimental; Noise
Downloads: 528
[audio]feline plaything "purr" [samarch012] - feline plaything
feline plaything is a freeform "chill" project that writes music for you to semi-relax with in an experimental mindset. this is not to say this music is 100% ambient, because it definitely has a more jumpy and playful side to it at times. this album is like playing with a young kitten - sometimes it licks and purrs, sometimes it scratches and bites and jumps and hisses....... visit:
Keywords: Avantgarde; Abstract; Full Album; Experimental; Ambient
Downloads: 2,308
[audio]a million dead elephants "01" [samarch015] - a million dead elephants
a million dead elephants are a harsh sound/metal junk noise project from california, USA. this is their first release, and on it they make music that brings forth a gigantic army of ivoryless ghostly pacaderms - stomping and tearing through the mass public, in search of their stolen goods...... visit:
Keywords: Harsh Noise; Psychedelic Noise; dark; Noise; Experimental
Downloads: 1,842
[audio]Vandalla "The Cherub Weeps at Sundown" [samarch018] - Vandalla
Vandalla is a noise duo from Northern California. This is their first album, "The Cherub Weeps at Sundown" - a four song release that features harsh atmospheres and chaotic structures - all meshing into a whole that equals one complete experience. Crushing and over-washing waves. visit:
Keywords: weird; Psychotic; Harsh Noise; Noise; Experimental
Downloads: 679
[audio]boron jive leper - "theme for mister tungsten filament" [samarch037] - boron jive leper
originally released to a limited run on 3" CDr in 2004, this release is a psychedelic journey that takes you through the mind of boron jive leper, the electronic madman! at times calm, mostly atmospheric to the hilt, and always the stuff of strange, twisting dreams.....this is one that had to be re-released - we kept it in the archives long enough!!! NOTE: this release is broken into four movements, but is one continous song...
Keywords: Avantgarde; Ambient/noise; Experimental; Experimental,Electronic; Psychedelic; Dark Ambient; Abstract; Electronic
Downloads: 1,035
[audio]the sleeping room "tonight (phase one)" [samarch020] - the sleeping room
the sleeping room is a experimental project utilizing analog synthesizers to create psychedelic-tinged ambient textures. "tonight (phase one)" is the sleeping room's first release, and this is a bleak album of dark tones and atmospheres. this music was created for The Audilisk, a sound/art project created for Burning Man 2005. UPDATE: this has been accepted by the Audilisk creators and will be featured at the festival! visit:
Keywords: Dark Ambient; weird; Experimental; Noise; Ambient; Instrumental; Experimental; Ambient; Noise, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic; Atmosphere; minimalism / drone
Downloads: 804 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]cory thrall "like a fire/in your atmosphere" [samarch003] - Cory Thrall
this is cory thrall's 2nd album, which was released on samsa records in 2002 on CDr (the CDr is now long SOLD OUT). before the electronic musings of such albums as "Devils" (2004) and "Syrus Monet" (2004), cory made music with his guitars, synth, voice, and other assorted instruments. this album is considered by most as his best - showcasing his voice and songwriting skills at a very important time...
Keywords: lo-fi amateur pop; Pop Experimental; Album Releases; Singer-Songwriter; Experimental
Downloads: 4,687
[audio]the tron cycle "the great arab escape" [samarch052] - the tron cycle
the tron cycle are here again, this time with the release "the great arab escape"! recorded 100% live (with no overdubs), this shifting, expansive album is just one song long - not that short but not too much, either..... visit:
Keywords: Experimental; Noise; Noise Rock; Inspired Ranting; Lo-Fi; Psychedelic; Noise/Experimental Rock; Schizo-pop; Dark Ambient; experimental electro crust pop; Space Rock; Psychedelic; Avantgarde Pop
Downloads: 2,934
[audio]PIGSLICE [samarch033] - PIGSLICE
PIGSLICE is a noise project, and this the first release. rest assured, though - this is not your average noise album! taking familiar tools of the trade and creating something entirely original, samsa is proud to be bringing you this beginning of the PIGSLICE sound!
Keywords: Avantgarde; Loud/noise; weird; Weirdomusic; Experimental; Noise; Psychedelic Noise; Psychedelic
Downloads: 2,289 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]YOURsocialSTANDING "The Superiority Idea" [samarch002] - YOURsocialSTANDING
YOURsocialSTANDING is a noise-rock band with an underlining purpose - to wake the braindead world from their slumber! with this, their first album from 2001, YOURsocialSTANDING attack from all sides and leave you with your belly hurting, your mind buzzing, and your ears wanting more! visit:
Keywords: Noise; Psychedelic Rock; Album Release; Noise Rock; Experimental
Downloads: 4,076
[audio]butterfly "one of two left" [samarch006] - butterfly
butterfly is an experimental/sound project that featured liana benning (of YOURsocialSTANDING) and cory thrall (of darph/nadeR). before butterfly released their 2nd (released) album "unsafe", they recorded this actual second album that was (until now) unreleased. finally we bring you this album, which has been hidden for too long! butterfly is a bit different on this one - you'll find them a little darker, richer sounding...
Keywords: Psychedelic; Album Releases; tape collage; SoundScapes; Field Recordings; Experimental; improv
Downloads: 509
[audio]shrew florist "roses" [samarch014] - shrew florist
shrew florist is an experimental noise trio featuring jared butler, gerry stumbaugh, and cory thrall. this release finds them experimenting on the first song with multiple guitars, layering them into mayhem and madness. it is quite an experience what they have created here - a real trip through the mind and open body. the second song finds them delving deeper into sound and farther into their instruments - creating a far darker song than the first...
Keywords: Avantgarde; Psychedelic Noise; Noise; Experimental; Soundscape; Noise, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic
Downloads: 381
[audio]d c from c troi's head "live @ Piner High School (1995)" [samarch010] - drinking coffee from counselor troi's head
in the year 1995, employee 1 was asked by his High School Student Body if he had a band. They were filling in spaces for live performances during the next week's lunchtime Culture Week. employee 1, of course answered "Yes!", and took a reservation in the festivities. "Great!" he figured. "an EXTENDED lunch break to wreck and ruin the hated SCHOOL MASS! and in the School Quad, no less, where they all collected!" employee 1 had already been playing with employees 2 & 3 in an un-named improv noise ...
Keywords: Lo-Fi; Noise; Beyond Classification; Crap; Experimental; improv
Downloads: 705
[audio]feeel "Music for Uneasy Times" [samarch023] - feeel
feeel is an experimental / improvisational / freeform ensemble, and this is their second release! mixing electric guitar, bass, lots of effects, voice, trumpet, a traditional chinese flute, and more - this is an album full of life, but with it's own voice! visit:
Keywords: Avantgarde; Experimental; improv; Instrumental; Psychedelic; Free Psych-Folk
Downloads: 968
[audio]the batcave "play dead/live long" [samarch054] - the batcave
the newest release by the batcave (as of 12/05), "play dead/live long" is a force not to be "taken lightly", as the saying goes.....the batcave are joined by a new member (on drums, and other stuff...), and are as freeform and silly/noisy as usual! come gather 'round the batcave - GET YOURSELF SCARED AND UNABLE TO SLEEP ALONE...!
Keywords: Psychedelic; Experimental; Psychotronics; Paranormal; Psychedelic; Noise Rock; Destruction!; Weirdo
Downloads: 862
[audio]the batcave - 'Ghoulies' soundtrack [samarch026] - the batcave
the batcave is an experimental/noise duo and this is their unofficial soundtrack for the 1985 movie "Ghoulies". the music can be played as either a tribute to the film or an actual soundtrack over the film (starting with the opening title - with the audio of the film turned off - when the sound of the album starts), this soundtrack shows the batcave has grown from their freak-out roots......this release is a full-force guitar & pedal noise jam with percussion carrying it along the path of dark "...
Keywords: Ambient/noise; Dark Ambient; Psychedelic Rock; Experimental; Noise Rock; Psychedelic Noise; dark; Noise/Experimental Rock; Stoner Rock
Downloads: 1,034
[audio]Sharza Harza "Private Life" [samarch049] - Sharza Harza
The first full-length release by Moscow's noise unit Sharza Harza is an eclectic effort, incorporating just about everything: from guitar feedback to digitally generated noises to (very possibly) the sound of a heart being broken. Vague sexual references in music and explicit textual content are all here for a distinctive and daring listener.
Keywords: Avantgarde; Sound Art; Experimental; Noise; Experimental,Electronic; Noise, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic; Psychedelic; Weirdo; Horror; Dark film soundtrack
Downloads: 10,617
[audio]the batcave "the machine gun collection" [samarch041] - the batcave
the unreleased (until now!) follow-up to their "too many transmissions" EP 3" CDr, this was supposed to be the batcave's 1st album! problems troubled this release, but NOW it is available here! featuring noisescapes ala "too many transmissions" but more to a 100% experimentally stretched atmosphere, these songs place the batcave among the "noisy people"!!! here it is, finally!!! (NOTE: "sex is dumb" was recorded for a comp that was never released - it is added to the album "the machine gun colle...
Keywords: Experimental; Noise; Fucked Up; Paranormal; Stoner Rock; Experimental New-No-Wave; Psychedelic Pop; Noise Rock; Destruction!; Electronic Rock Fusion, Rock Ballads, alien-rock; Avant-Pop; Horror
Downloads: 1,763
[audio]I APACHE EYE "Greatest Hits Vol. 1" [samarch045] - I APACHE EYE
yes!!! the dynamic trio of diabolical manic madness are here with a 'Greatest Hits' collection just for you! spanning their 7 releases so far, these songs were chosen by members of IAE themselves! this is what they consider to be their "best" work..... so, sit back and enjoy the experimental/pop/rawk/silliness of I APACHE EYE, the Californian princes of kookiness and ALL THAT CRAP!!! visit:
Keywords: lo-fi amateur pop; Noise; Psychedelic; Noise/Experimental Rock; Free Psych-Folk; Experimental New-No-Wave; Schizo-pop; Avant-pop; Abstract
Downloads: 1,568
[audio]karyon and resin "we are numbers not people" [samarch051] - karyon & resin
this is live recorded anime noise music achieved via a long distance feedback loop by two members of the infinite sector. samsa records is proud to be bringing you this fine collaboration! visit:
Keywords: Avantgarde; Psychedelic; Ambient/noise; Anime; Experimental; Abstract; Dark film soundtrack; Abstract sound art; Dark Ambient; collaboration
Downloads: 1,460
[audio]the sleeping room "deliver me from dead dreams" [samarch031] - the sleeping room
the sleeping room is an ambient analog synth project that focuses on dark textures, and this release is no exception. four songs that carry you to the depths of the dreaming areas of your mind, these songs are more than your usual mellow run through of the keys, knobs, and fuzz...... visit:
Keywords: Instrumental; weird; Experimental; Dreambient; minimalism / drone; Dark Ambient; Pseudo-Ambient; Avantgarde
Downloads: 3,660 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]darph/nadeR vs. seetyca "translucence" [samarch034] - darph/nadeR, seetyca
...from squeals of sharpening lasers-beam points in static-storm attacks (darph/nadeR) to tranquil washes of silver-shining masses that float over the cloudlines (seetyca) and then back again, this split album takes you to all sides and then stretches you over the both projects take their signature sounds and recreate them in crisp new forms you will be wondering why it took this team so long to get this release together......
Keywords: Avantgarde; Psychedelic; Ambient/noise; Abstract; weird; Experimental; Noise; Instrumental; Dark Ambient
Downloads: 1,059 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]feeel "She's Only Growing Older" [samarch029] - feeel
feeel is a constantly evolving ensemble, and this is their third release. focusing this time more on layered guitar, bass, and analog synth oriented songs, this release explores the more lively end of the experimental genre - leaving one with a greater "feeling" of feeel..... visit:
Keywords: Avantgarde; Psychedelic; Improvisational post-modern alternative folk; Experimental; Psychedelic Noise; Instrumental; Free Psych-Folk
Downloads: 863
[audio]the jeremy irons project "technoISdisco" [samarch053] - the jeremy irons project
the Jeremy Irons Project (or J.I.P.) was a rock n' rollin' band from Santa Rosa, California that featured Cory Thrall (also of the Catnips, the drone., darph/nadeR, more...), Jared Butler (also of darph/nadeR, more...), Mike Teuscher (from the Catnips, the drone., more...), Doyle Smotherman (from the Black Yen), and Dan Goodsell on drums. the J.I.P.'s first album, and the VERY FIRST samsa records release (on CDr, back in 1999) was "technoISdisco", the re-release you find here...
Keywords: space rock; Noise Rock; Psychedelic Rock; wild wild rock'n'roll; Experimental; Noise Rock; Noise, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic; Noise/Experimental Rock; Garage Rock; Avant-pop; No Wave; Alternative Rock
Downloads: 16,154
[audio]darph/nadeR "this should be our space one" [samarch035] - darph/nadeR
recorded and released in late 1999 (on cassette, with a run of 8 copies, given to friends), what we have here is "this should be our space one" - darph/nadeR's second release ever! (darph/nadeR is a California experimental duo featuring Jared Butler & Cory Thrall). guest-starring soon-to-be-longtime nadeR collaborator Diana Morales, this album is a junk, toy, household object & instrument free-for-all jam to the glowing stars! (also featuring a bit of some other stuff, too, just for fun!)........
Keywords: Psychotic; Experimental; Psychedelic Noise; Noise, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic; lo-fi; Free Psych-Folk; Destruction!; Noise Improv Freestyle; stoner noise
Downloads: 482
[audio]feeel "FUM" [samarch040] - feeel
marking their 4th release to date, feeel has returned with their newest album "FUM". from acoustic guitar and percussion rambles to mangled analog synth and distorted electric guitar - this album is a collection of experimental beauty and rumbling, fumbling arrangements. samsa is proud to bring you what could be feeel's most interesting work..... visit:
Keywords: Psychedelic; Lo-fi Love Rock; Experimental; Noise, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic; Lo-Fi; Free Psych-Folk; Dark folk; Avantgarde; Abstract sound art
Downloads: 6,264 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]drinking c from c troi's head "'into the dark' the archives 1994-1996" [samarch030] - drinking coffee from counselor troi's head
drinking coffee from counselor troi's head is an experimental noise rock band from Northern California, USA. this is a collection of unreleased recordings beginning from the very first year of troi's existence (1994), and continuing into the 2nd line-up (usually referred to as "troi 2" - basically the '96 version). this is the band that started the samsa records sound!!! get in on the ground floor, where it all began!
Keywords: Loud/noise; Noise Rock; Weirdomusic; Crap; Experimental; Noise; improv; Noise Rock; Noise, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic; Lo-Fi; Post Folk Noise; Psychedelic
Downloads: 12,526
[audio]d c from c troi's head 'Phantom Power': Archives Vol.2 - drinking coffee from counselor troi's head
finally, the 2nd Volume in the counselor troi Archives Series is here! these originally thought lost recordings date from between 1995-thru-1996 of Troi/Troi 2's existance. what you'll find here is the 'other' side of the classic troi. drinking coffee from counselor troi's head has been around since 1993, and are currently (2008) enjoying their 15th year as a project! help them celebrate the Anniversary by hitting up this little Archive package! visit counselor troi here:
Keywords: drinking coffee from counselor troi's head; counselor troi; troi; creak rock; creak; rock; experimental; improv; electroacoustic; noise rock; avant garde; noise; ambient; crap; cory thrall; jared butler; santa rosa; california; archives
Downloads: 144
[audio]darph/nadeR "music for Zone 33" [samarch009] - darph/nadeR
darph/nadeR is an experimental noise duo, but here we find them doing something a little different - spacious, ambient tones and textures, creepy analog synth rumblings and atmospheres. Zone 33 is a proposed art installation project for the 2005 Burning Man Festival, and it's creators asked for music based on a question - "what sounds would a rift between two worlds make?" update: this installation has been rejected by the Burning Man staff...
Keywords: Space; Dark Ambient; Soundscape; Experimental; Ambient
Downloads: 562 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]uhm (unsolved hollywood mysteries) "don't move" [samarch025] - uhm
uhm (AKA: unsolved hollywood mysteries) is a three-piece experimental/noise/sound project featuring jared butler (from darph/nadeR), cory thrall (from darph/nadeR), and diana morales (longtime darph/nadeR collaborator). this project is freeform and energetic, but also a bit dark and mournful in places. freeform jams at the core of experimentation...also features a bit of audio from the television, and a few other sources......this is uhm's first release, a fresh beginning for a trio of friends!
Keywords: Sound Art; weird; Soundscape; Experimental; Psychedelic Noise; Psychedelic; Noise/Experimental Rock; Free Psych-Folk; chill out
Downloads: 851
[audio]the batcave "TERROR" [samarch021] - the batcave
the batcave have returned with their 2nd release - and their first actual (released) album, "TERROR"! the boys behind the batcave have brought something different this time around, exchanging the heavy distortions and over-bearing tones and feedback of earlier works for clean guitar sounds, crazy non-beats, psychotic vocals, and more atmospheric and heavily psychedelic arrangements and actions. this is the batcave as you've never heard them before! visit:
Keywords: Weirdomusic; Psychedelic Rock; Psychotic; Experimental; Noise Rock; Psychedelic Noise; Experimental; Noise, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic; Paranormal; Psychedelic; Noise/Experimental Rock; Stoner Rock
Downloads: 3,046
[audio]Resin "cnidarian" [samarch043] - Resin
.....imagine you are lost and stranded on a desolate, uncharted planet somewhere deep in space.....your only hope for survival is your blaster (running low on energy) and your compass (oh boy!).....eventually you find a cave to live and hide in, but where to go from there? how will you be rescued? in other words, this might be the sounds that played as your soundtrack as you searched and explored the alien world - sometimes glassy and floating, and sometimes harsh and brutal - all things you fin...
Keywords: Noise; Experimental; Noise; Psychedelic; Psychothic; Avantgarde; Abstract; Abstract sound art
Downloads: 438
[audio]leaving earth - s/t 3inch [samarch011] - leaving earth
before leaving earth (e yard and the Helmeticrononaut) recorded their mega-smash-noise-chaos album "Following Stars" (infinite sector 2005), they recorded a self-titled 3" CDr for samsa records. this 3" release is chock-full of harsh chaos and hardcore frequencies - just like the leaving earth sounds you know and love! this 3" CDr was limited to 8 copies and sold out rather it is now for your download pleasure!
Keywords: Noise; weird; Mechanical Death; Experimental; Harsh Noise; Psychedelic Noise
Downloads: 799
[audio]I APACHE EYE "Blood Magic" [samarch001] - I APACHE EYE
This is I APACHE EYE's fourth release: "yes, this is when the brain begins to check over your body systems and finds that half of your meaty self is slowly rockin' to the sounds of manic mayhem streaming through speakers that wished they could melt down - I APACHE EYE brings to the wobbly table a mini-album of psycho-babble and mind-think-thought-think of a level that only a duo as slap-happy as this can create (and only once, on a mini-album as special as this one)...
Keywords: Psychedelic; Humor; Weirdomusic; wild wild rock'n'roll; Experimental
Downloads: 18,898 1.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]drinking c from c troi's head "i saw the sun again today" EP [samarch039] - drinking coffee from counselor troi's head
originally released on CDr in 2000 (limited to only 13 copies!), this was the first release from Santa Rosa, California's noise rawk troupe - drinking coffee from counselor troi's head! though they had many recordings done previous to this (they formed in '94, afterall...), samsa records wasn't started until 1999..... this EP consists of the song "Alone Parts 1 - 5", and the (once) hidden track, "untitled"...
Keywords: Psychedelic; Noise Rock; Experimental; Noise; Free Psych-Folk; Experimental New-No-Wave; Noise Improv Freestyle; stoner noise; Avant-Pop
Downloads: 535
[audio]Suspicious Bundle of Trash "Goats N' Shit" [samarch036] - Suspicious Bundle of Trash
Suspicious Bundle of Trash (or SBOT) is a six-man noise jam group from Northern California, USA - and this is their 1st actual release! they mix crazy sounds and tones with other such music in a way all their own to create chaos and sinister rawking tunes for your beginning of night-time.....or SOMETHING!!! visit:
Keywords: Weirdomusic; Psychedelic Rock; Mechanical Death; Psychotic; Experimental; Harsh Noise; Noise; Noise; Lo-Fi; Noise/Experimental Rock; Noise Improv Freestyle
Downloads: 597
[audio]Mass Murder Ragdoll "Bloody (Audilisk)" [samarch032] - Mass Murder Ragdoll
samsa records archives release #32 is Mass Murder Ragdoll's "Bloody (Audilisk)" - a special recording done for the Audilisk, a sound/art project featured at Burning Man 2005. Mass Murder Ragdoll is a noise band featuring the duo darph/nadeR & the solo act Full On, and on this session darph/nadeR takes the hard left side while Full On is on the hard right. it makes for a great headphone experience, or even a blast at loud volumes through speakers! an alien view of the noisy world.....
Keywords: Instrumental; Psychedelic; Space; Ambient/noise; Abstract; uneasy listening; Experimental; Noise; Psychedelic Noise
Downloads: 777
[audio]d. c. from c. troi's head - "theemployee handbook is followed like scripture" [samarch004] - drinking coffee from counselor troi's head
drinking coffee from counselor troi's head is a noise rock band from santa rosa, california. this is their first full-length album "theemployee handbook is followed like scripture"(recorded in 1999-2000, released on CDr in 2003 and now SOLD OUT). forming in 1994 and having gone through many member changes through the years, this is d. c. from c. troi's head reformed in their original line-up. this is definitely troi's noise-space-rock epic! visit:
Keywords: Noise; Psychedelic Rock; Album Releases; Beyond Classification; Crap; Experimental; improv; Noise Rock
Downloads: 7,210
[audio]darph/nadeR "'antiDISCO' Archives Vol. 1" [samarch044] - darph/nadeR
darph/nadeR dug through their archives and, added together with songs from their SOLD OUT earlier archive release ("the path home" CDr, released in 2003), they put together this collection of unreleased/rare recordings from 2003-2004. what you'll find here are songs that were recorded for projects that either never surfaced or were abandoned. darph/nadeR felt these songs were worth sharing, and hopefully you will find this an enjoyable look back at some earlier work.
Keywords: Psychedelic; Ambient/noise; weird; Soundscape; Experimental; Noise; Psychedelic Noise; Instrumental; Free Psych-Folk
Downloads: 1,369
[audio]Leaving Earth "the Cosmic Abyss" EP [samarch047] - Leaving Earth
Leaving Earth (e yard - USA, and the helmeticrononaut - Norway) have taken a turn from their previous work, and are here with a spacey, calm, ambient EP called "the Cosmic Abyss". This is what decaying gravitational waves sound like to planets. This is the sound of carbon monoxide buildup in a kosmonaut's bloodstream. It is the sound of mold spreading through an abandoned space station. It is the feeling of surrender upon facing the infinite blackness of space...
Keywords: Avantgarde; Psychedelic; Space; uneasy listening; Experimental; Ambient; Noise, Space Drone, rarara; Abstract; Dark Ambient
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[audio]darph/nadeR "THE END OF THE WORLD" [samarch027] - darph/nadeR
darph/nadeR is an experimental/noise duo from Santa Rosa, California. this album was recorded live on 11/3/2004, and was darph/nadeR's response to the results of the Nov. 2nd 2004 U.S. Presidential Elections. this album features noise pedals, electric guitar, screamed vocals, and more! visit:
Keywords: Noise; Terror; Loud/noise; Mechanical Death; Psychotic; Soundscape; Experimental; Harsh Noise; Noise; Noise, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic; Prophesy
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[audio]e yard "the swallowing victim" [samarch050] - e yard
marking samsa's 50th release on, this is e yard's 2nd album - a murder-themed release, chock full of harsh walls of chaos, blistering blasts of sonics, and a very open sense of experimentation, this is the release e yard was born to make! hear multiple noise devices fight for the height of your senses, while a steady level of menacing grime keeps the pace going..... visit:
Keywords: Avantgarde; Experimental; Noise; Psychedelic Noise; Fucked Up; Psychotronics; Industrial / Post-Industrial / Noise; Weirdo; Gutter Noise; Horror, Hypnotic
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